DSDS anniversary – Thailand recall: It has bounced

DSDS anniversary – Thailand recall
It bounced out

By Kai Butterweck

DSDS at dizzy heights! Over the roofs of Bangkok, things are going full steam ahead. While two supposedly soft-spoken guys are preparing for a big performance throw, the journey of a relay spearhead comes to an end with a lot of ado about nothing.

Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Malle, Bangkok: The new superstar contenders collect more air miles than many an established show bunny long before they enter the pop Olympus. At the beginning of the eagerly awaited Thailand recall, the DSDS asterisks can finally get a taste of real high society air. In jittery Bangkok, the astonished candidates are awaited by a lot of hustle and bustle, even more hustle and bustle and a never-ending scyscraper forest. In one of these marvels of the construction industry, those responsible for format have reserved a stately suite for the tour group, in which the million-dollar panoramic view alone is worth every rent cent.

As expected, the anticipation for the upcoming adventures is huge. While vocal coach Juliette divides the new groups with a big grin on her face, dance king Peris reminisces: “It feels a bit like back in the school camp,” reveals the buddy of jungle camp checker Gigi. After all the newly thrown together girl groups and boy bands have sniffed each other out, the evening program falls flat out. While one half is popping the corks at a merry rooftop pool party, the other half is touring through the pulsating Bangkok nightlife, including fried insect munching fun. Did “Bounce” maestro Nikolaos actually eat a whole tarantula? Spooky!

The best against the best!

The night is very short and the next morning also has a challenge ready in which five candidates face the fundamental question: do you or don’t you? Since daring “house running” action is not for everyone, troubadour Sem has to hang the imaginary sign with the inscription “Schisser” around his neck for a short time. Later in the afternoon you can finally howl, roar and sing again. Above the rooftops of Bangkok, the colorfully dressed jury is reminiscent of a fun ball pool tribunal. But puff cake! When the “best against the best” compete, even a prankster like Pietro Lombardi looks dead serious in the style of a mafioso into the camera.

None of this can impress the always cheerful “Big N”. The rapper with the vocals of a drill is pretty sure of himself (once again): “We’re the group that’s going to shave everyone!” yells Nikolaos. Five minutes later, the previously unkillable “Big N” optimism gives way to the realization that in the dazzling superstar universe at some point only pure singing talent will be on the scales. And in this regard, Nikolaos and his two group buddies Adriano and Andrea simply have too little to offer this time: “It was worse than I imagined, but you really screwed up the number!”, Dieter Bohlen complains after a consistently scary one Justin Bieber impersonation (“Stay”).

“That was the best performance in the entire competition!”

It’s by far the worst performance of the day, miles from quality karaoke artistry, culminating in a truly fiery homage to Jackie Wilson’s hit “Higher & Higher.” “That was the best performance in the entire competition!”, the pop titan ennobles the two beaming leaders David and Felix. The former can’t really believe his luck: “I just don’t understand it. Did it all really happen?” asks the 27-year-old from Cologne. Yes, you delivered, dear David! Congratulations!

Where there was just cheering and celebrating, sad and disappointed faces are now staring into the void. The entire Justin Bieber group and Zeno, who also sings far under the radar, have finished and have to pack their bags ahead of time. It actually bounced out. The yo-baby-yo effect is gone. “Big N” is DSDS history. To say goodbye, the entire tour group lowers their heads. One last time the choir resounds: “Let’s bounce motherfucker, let’s bounce!” Then the fun is over. Do it right, Big “N”. It was our pleasure!

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