DSDS 2022: Start, broadcast dates, castings and information about the show without planks

The show “Germany is looking for the superstar” is closely associated with Dieter Bohlen. If RTL wants to give the singing competition a chance, it has to be a fresh start. Everything about DSDS 2022 here.

The news hit the fans completely surprising at the time: Dieter Bohlen opts for “Das Supertalent” and “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. That decision was probably less with the pop titan than it was at RTL and the new boss Henning Tewesas quickly spread in the media. Instead of the usual extension of his contract, the end of his contractual relationship with the broadcaster was on the plan. But it will continue with season 19 even without him, on Saturday January 22, 2022.

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Watch DSDS Season 18 and others now

What happened to the former casting stars at DSDS? The video shows you:

What are these casting starts doing today?

When is DSDS coming in 2022? Broadcast dates of the auditions, the recall and the live shows

Where will the auditions for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” take place in 2022?

This year the upcoming superstars will sing in a glass cube in the middle of the marketplaces Wernigerode and Burghausen. In any case, with Toby Gad, there is a successful star producer sitting opposite the upcoming superstars, who has already proven with Madonna, Selena Gomez and Beyoncé that he can do something with success. But the two other members of the jury also have something to offer.

The new jury 2022 for “Germany is looking for the superstar”

Florian Silbereisen has been in conversation for a long time, according to BILD and he is now really one of the three new stars who should help the new plank-free version of DSDS on RTL to get good ratings. Last year, Silbereisen was on the show as a substitute for the kicked right oath singer Xavier Naidoo. In addition to the show master, successful pop singer and actor and now also a dream ship captain Florian Silbereisen, is still the pop and country singer Ilse DeLange and star producer and songwriter Toby Gad in the jury 2022.

If you would like to face the DSDS jury and prove your talent, you have to be between 16 and 30 years of age and apply for the DSDS castings quickly and in good time every year. This picture gallery shows you all winners from 17 years of DSDS:

Start the photo gallery(19 pictures)

Do you still know them all? Here are the 17 DSDS winners from 2003 to 2020!

“DSDS” 2022 with a new focus – no more exposure in the castings

Bohlen and his sometimes brutal slogans are firmly connected to the format. Tewes, however, probably no longer considers the defamatory remarks by the DSDS draft horse to be up-to-date and would like a more respectful approach and more emphasis on the singing competition. As BILD wants to know, RTL has a new concept in mind, in which the candidates should be selected differently. It is no longer desirable for casting participants to appear just to be ridiculed. Instead, the emphasis should be placed heavily on the singing competition. No more exposure, just real talent and great singing.

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“Let’s Dance” also starts with a new season on RTL in 2022 and anyone who is halfway musical can easily pass this quiz:

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