Drugs enter prisons more and more easily: some prisoners make up to €10,000 a month, “it’s not really complicated”

According to the FPS Justice, more than one in three prisoners uses drugs. Of all the 11,000 prisoners in the country, the trade in narcotics therefore represents a famous market. Detainees, smarter than others, have understood this well. In large prisons like Saint-Gilles, Andenne, Lantin or Jamioulx, bosses lead the dance. “These can be made up to 10,000 € per month”, we learn from an internal source.

➜ “But we never find anything in their cell”, their technique is well established

But how does the prisoner manage to return to prison, with the goods
? “It’s really not complicated to bring in drugs.”

According to one source, it is mainly Algerians, Tunisians and undocumented immigrants (“who have nothing to lose and are not impressed by prison”) who most of the time find themselves at the head of this lucrative business .

➜ They film themselves on Tiktok, unusual techniques for smuggling drugs, Vincent Van Quickenborne’s reaction… Our full article with infographic here.

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