Drought in Italy, the three main causes of the perfect storm.

Rome, 22 June 2022 – The great thirst of summer 2022 is only just beginning. “Summer has not yet begun and we are in the absence of water resources, it is there perfect storm“. Like this Meuccio Berselligeneral secretary of the Po-MiTE District Authority, in a video update on the serious situation Drought of the Po basin. It’s the perfect storm, he explains, “because in the last 6-8 months winter snow peaked at minus 60-70%“, negatively affecting the” storage of the water needed to fill large regulated lakes. According to, it does not rain in the Po basin for at least 120 days. Third, the temperatures are higher than 3-4 degrees compared to the average for the period “.

Drought, the shallows of the Po river (Ansa)

“The main solution is to support the flow in the Po Deltawhere there are two determining factors “: the advance of the saline wedge and the risk of water scarcity for potable use which affects 750 thousand people, explains Berselli.”The intrusion of salt – he explains – has already entered for 21 kilometers because the low level of the river allows the Adriatic Sea at high tide to penetrate and change the characteristics of the pitch, which transforms from fresh water into brackish “, becoming” unusable for crops, therefore with environmental and economic damage. The second aspect is the low flow rate that could influence the withdrawal for the purifiers who distribute the water in the final part of the river for 750 thousand users “.

It is the need for “mitigate these two problems”, explains Berselli, who pushed the Authority to ask for “the red light” and to “cut a little water, 20% in the agricultural sector – which makes up 40% of the national GDP -“. This “from our models allows us to sustain that level, that flow of the Po” which is vital to avoid risks for drinking water and an even greater incursion of the saline wedge.

Quiet Romagna, “Ridracoli will give you water to drink”

Today the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli in a hearing with the Joint Agriculture and Senate Committees, on the agricultural sector he said: “I believe that a process of approach, marked over time in an intelligent way, is necessary to theinsurance obligation“And he said that the request for recognition of the state of emergency and calamity” must travel together. “

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