Drought, dead sirens near the source of the Po: the protest of Extinction Rebellion activists

The Great River is disappearing. This is the alarm raised by the activists of Extinction Rebellion that this morning, disguised as dead sirens, they lay down near the source of the Po, in Crissolo in Piedmont. A symbolic action to “draw attention to very serious drought that the whole of Italy is experiencing and, more generally, on the tangible consequences that the climate crisis is causing also in the Piedmontese territories ”. A situation that according to activists must also be addressed by regional authorities with “structural interventions to counter the effects of the climate crisis that have already caused irreparable damage to agricultural activities of all Piedmont and all of Italy “. It is not the first time that the movement has staged this type of protest. The sirens first appeared a year ago at G20 of Venice before returning to action in February in front of the Murazzi of Turin. In the meantime, the situation has become increasingly serious. “After months, the water deficit has worsened further, so much so that a state of national alert has been called – the activists write in a note – the small Turin shoal we already denounced in February, today it has in fact expanded considerably and is now invaded by algae , which are proliferating out of control throughout the city stretch of the river, causing a strong smell of putrefaction that is hard to ignore ”. In July, the Po recorded a new negative record in flow. According to the latest weekly report by the Anbi observatory (National Association of Reclamation and Irrigation), the average flow rate of the Great River in Pontelagoscuro, the last survey before the Delta, was 160.48 cubic meters per second in July. the 32% less compared to the previous negative record recorded in July 2006.

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