Dropped wedding ring: Janni and Peer Kusmagk were almost separated

Janni (31) and Peer Kusmagk’s (46) marriage was about to end! The former professional surfer and the presenter said yes in 2017. In the meantime, the two have not only been married for almost five years, but are also parents of three children – Yoko (2), Emil-Ocean (4) and Merlin. The family emigrated to Mallorca just a few months ago. However, the move turned into a big relationship test: Jannie and peer almost split up!

In the Vipstagram Talk by RTL betrayed peer: “In addition to the stress of moving, you lose your complete habit, your familiar environment, your friends, the paths you know… When all that is gone, a vacuum is created. We didn’t expect that and it pulled the rug out from under our feet.” There was even a situation where they took off their wedding rings. But then the model and the actor would have gotten together again. “Fortunately, as always, we got the ball rolling and reminded ourselves that we made that promise – in good times and bad.”

In addition, there peer a few tips that can be helpful to avoid such a crisis in the future: “It is very important to take 15 minutes a day for your relationship and to go into dialogue about what you are feeling, what you are thinking and to leave it uncommented.” Jannie added that it felt incredibly liberating. In her opinion, one must first learn to take care of oneself before one can be happy with a partner.

Janni and Peer Kusmagk on "Dancing on Ice"

Christoph Hardt / Future Image / ActionPress

Janni and Peer Kusmagk on “Dancing on Ice”
Peer and Janni Kusmagk
Janni and Peer Kusmagk

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Janni and Peer Kusmagk

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