Driving license: this big scam relayed by Feliccia of the Princes of love

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Credits: Snapchat @feliccia_gul / Twitter @Sephora_loulou @larueofficiel

Feliccia, emblematic candidate of the Princes and Princesses of Love, relayed a big driving license scam on his social networks, which made Internet users react.

Feliccia continues the bad buzz. After promoting injections for the buttocks that made Luna Skye ill, the young woman apologized but the damage was done. Recently, it’s for something else entirely than the reality TV contestant, seen in The Princes and Princesses of Love 4 and Objective Rest of the World on W9, has been talked about. On Snapchat, she relayed a big driver’s license scam. In a video shared by a user on Twitter, we can see her first declaring: “If you’re about to get your driver’s license, or if you’re going to get your driver’s license soon, I have a very good friend of mine who takes care of this and frankly I’ve been doing it for years. know and he is too nice “.

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Then she added: “If you want to get your license, do not hesitate to contact him because he makes free candidate driving licenses, that is to say that you do not need to be present for the exam “. This statement made many people jump, including journalist Stéphane Larue, who wrote: “Say Snapchat, don’t you mind letting that kind of promotion from those reality TV morons (again)?” Pass the driver’s license as a free candidate without being present? ”She said… it’s not like if there were not enough deaths on the roads #marredesfraudes “.

Internet users are shocked by Feliccia’s message

Under the two tweets, we can read the following comments: “But she talks nonsense. This girl is abused, she is very ill. A free candidate’s license you don’t need to be there. But where are we seriously going”, “No, but help. I hope she will have a complaint from a driving school or even several for endangering the life of others. Not even sure that this is legal in addition”. Once again, Feliccia has managed to attract the attention of internet users!

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