Driver noticed that a passenger forgot his backpack and put it away without imagining the amount of money inside

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When you are in a hurry or have other things on your mind, you tend to forget things on public transport, and few drivers tend to put things away and return them. Ivan Avaca belongs to this group and did not stop searching until he found the owner of the backpack without imagining the large sum that was inside. its touching history turned viral on social networks.

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According to the portal from Argentina, Ivan Avaca, a driver for the line 29 in the city of Córdobahad been working like any other day and remembered that last Monday one of his passengers had a large and heavily loaded backpack with him, which he ended up forgetting.

The driver knew what the passenger looked like and how he looked, since that day there was little influx. Due to the clothing he was wearing, the subject was an employee who works in the harvest and at the last minute he had a family emergency.

The last memory he had of him was that he got off at the terminal and took the first taxi that would take him to the station to take the bus to Santiago del Estero, according to the cited medium. A woman told her that the man forgot her backpack, so she decided to put it away.

“I saw that there was money, a cell phone and clothes. I didn’t count the money, later I found out how much. At no time did it cross my mind to keep something that is not mine”, accurate. How much money did she have? Nothing more or less than 100 thousand Argentine pesos, which is equivalent to 805 US dollars.

proud of his partner

With the help of an intermediary, Ivan managed to locate the owner of the backpack and thus return him with all the belongings. “I feel proud to have a colleague and friend like Ivan Avaca”Cali Villega wrote on her Facebook account.

He was carrying the sum of $100,000, a cell phone and other belongings. Luckily Iván found it, we contacted the owner and today the backpack was delivered to its owner. These are things that make your day, never change brother, God will give you twice as much”, complemented Cali, who assured that Ivan’s head never happened to keep the backpack.

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