Driessen to speak about Reijnders: ‘He certainly has the level of Álvarez’

Valentijn Driessen sees a player in Tijjani Reijnders who can replace Edson Álvarez. The Mexican is an important link in John Heitinga’s Ajax, but according to the reporter of The Telegraph can Reijnders – die linked to the Amsterdam club – touching that level.

“He certainly has the level of Álvarez,” he clearly says in a video from the newspaper. He does wonder if he will actually make the step from AZ to Ajax. ‘I am very curious if Ajax has the money to buy him. Of course, this isn’t going to be a ten million dollar player. It must cost a lot of money and I don’t know if Ajax is willing to pay that much money.’

Driessen is also looking forward to Sunday’s De Classic. He doesn’t have a good feeling about it for Ajax. ‘Last year during Ajax – Feyenoord, Ajax was very shaken and it was incomprehensible that Feyenoord still handed over the match. I don’t see this Feyenoord handing over such a match. And I don’t think this Ajax is better than the previous Ajax. Ajax has become less and Feyenoord the same, so Feyenoord will not lose.’

Words for Heitinga

Trainer John Heitinga is finally addressed sternly by the journalist. During the press conference leading up to The Classic, the coach announced that he would only watch Feyenoord’s match against Shakhtar Donetsk from injury time, and Driessen didn’t think that was smart. “He should just say what he really does and that is watch the whole game. That’s part of your profession and then you shouldn’t act tough or funny. You just answer seriously and say: of course I’m going to look. I want to know what they’re doing and what they’re up to.’

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