Driessen criticizes Bergwijn’s attitude: ‘It’s just pure contempt’

Valentijn Driessen thinks the press conference that Steven Bergwijn gave on Wednesday is pure contempt for journalism and the Dutch viewer. That’s what the head of football says The Telegraph in the podcast Kick off Qatar.

Bergwijn and Davy Klaassen gave a press conference on Wednesday. Driessen knows that the players often shout generalities, but thinks that Bergwijn disdained everyone in the room. ‘Everyone comes there for him and Davy Klaassen. First of all, you come from the Netherlands to Qatar and in Qatar you show up there at 5.30 pm to ask a few questions. Not a sensible word comes out’, says Driessen.

According to the football chief, Bergwijn’s answers caused ‘sheepish’ laughter, but Driessen does not agree. “It is just pure contempt for journalism and the Dutch viewer,” says the journalist, who emphasizes that the journalists are not there on their own behalf, but on behalf of the viewers, listeners and fans. ‘They really know how to ask a good question and you just expect a mature answer to that. Not that sheepish stuff we’ve seen now. This is also a complete mockery for the KNVB.’

Verweij: ‘Depends on Bergwijn, but also on the KNVB’

Mike Verweij agrees with Driessen’s words, but also stands up for Bergwijn, who, according to the Ajax watcher, is not a talker. ‘He sits there at the table with the greatest reluctance. If you know that as a KNVB, if you know that as a press officer: Then just don’t put it there and if necessary put a spare like Marten de Roon there.’ According to Verweij, the KNVB should appoint someone with a story. ‘It certainly depends on Bergwijn, but also on the KNVB. You don’t help him, you don’t help the press, you don’t help the fans, you don’t help the television viewer, so just don’t do it.’

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