Dries Mertens after Milik, OM’s new big hit in Naples!

In search of a striker during this summer transfer window, OM checked the name of Dries Mertens, at the end of his contract with Naples.

In negotiations with Villarreal as part of a free arrival, Dries Mertens is also followed by Olympique de Marseille during this transfer window. And for good reason, Pablo Longoria is aware of the very good deal that there is to be made on the Naples side with the situation of Dries Mertens, free of any contract insofar as he has not found an agreement with his President Aurelio De Laurentiis to extend. The track surprised on the side of OM, where one wonders if it is really wise to recruit a 35-year-old player with a colossal salary. But the question does not even arise according to Mirko Ioime, Serie A specialist, questioned by Le Phocéen about the players playing in Italy and who are in the sights of OM with a view to this summer transfer window.

Mertens, Correa, the beautiful slopes of Longoria in Italy

“He played a little less this season, but he ended up as a starter with Osimhen. He would like to stay, but Napoli are slow to accept his requests. As for his age, forget it, he holds anywhere. Technically and in front of goal, it’s very top of the range. In addition, he has a great mentality and a great lifestyle. He is very good friends with Milik and he speaks French. It’s international class, it would be a very big recruit for OM and Ligue 1 “ analyzed the specialist, for whom Marseille would carry out a very big operation by putting the grappling hook on Dries Mertens. Another Serie A player tracked by OM would bring enormous added value to Jorge Sampaoli’s squad in the person of Inter Milan’s Joaquin Correa. “Technically, he’s very strong, and he’s very quick. He’s a second striker who could suit Sampaoli. There are few attackers of this level in Ligue 1 on a technical level. If he manages to chain the matches, he would be a very good recruit. believes the Serie A specialist, for whom the ideas of Pablo Longoria on the side of Italy are very attractive. It remains to be seen which ones will materialize.

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