Dreamland: Meet the Netflix fantasy film with Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa stars in a new movie based on the comics, but this time he doesn’t play Aquaman, but a fantasy character for young people. Netflix released Terra dos Sonhos, with the DC star. Let’s see what the movie is about.

The film is based on Winsor McCay’s original comic Little Nemo in Slumberland and is the second feature film in the franchise. The first is Little Nemo, a 1989 Japanese animated film.

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Terra dos Sonhos is directed by Francis Lawrence, who has worked on popular films such as The Hunger Games and I Am Legend.

Although in the original comics the main character, Nemo, is a boy, the film has a girl as the protagonist.

More about Dreamland

Nemo lived in a lighthouse with her father, but after he died, she was left in the care of his best friend, Philip.

Her father used to tell her bedtime stories about Slumberland, a dream world. One night, she awakens from her sleep and finds herself in a different world built on dreams.

It’s a place where you can wish for anything, but there are also consequences lurking in the form of nightmares. The little girl embarks on an epic journey with Jason Momoa’s Flip to reunite with her father.

In addition to Jason Momoa, the cast of Terra dos Sonhos includes Marlow Barkley, Chris O’Dowd, Kyle Chandler, Cameron Nicoll, Antonio Raine Pastore, Weruche Opia, among others.

The film, however, did not win over critics. Currently, with 25 computed reviews, the Netflix feature is only 40% approved.

Land of Dreams is available on Netflix🇧🇷

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