Dreamland comes to Netflix with Jason Momoa and a profound message for children


Netflix premieres The country of dreams, the film starring Jason Momoa in which childhood and loss are the main protagonists. He knows the good and the bad of this film.

Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley
© NetflixJason Momoa and Marlow Barkley

The world of dreams and all its intricacies have more than once become a great attraction for film productions and now Netflix is ​​experimenting with it again. This is because on November 18 the platform will launch The country of dreams, a movie starring Jason Momoa and dedicated to the whole family. And, despite the fact that expectations are placed on this film, the reality is that it ends up being nothing more than completely predictable chaos.

Although, to understand why, you have to start with the story that the tape tells. The country of dreams follows Nemo (Marlow Barkley) who was raised by his father in a lighthouse. The young woman grew up watching him live her love for the ocean and boats, teaching him all her perfection. Even so, there is something that she loves much more than water and all that it brings with it: the fantasy stories that her father tells her.

However, one day everything changes and his father disappears in the middle of the sea. So Nemo must learn to cope with losing him until Flip (Jason Momoa), a rough-hewn outlaw who quickly becomes his partner and guide, shows up. That is where he begins a game of adventures, emotions and a single hope: for nemo to meet his father. Going through dreams, escaping nightmares and the bureau of dreams, they become an unstoppable duo.

And, although this premise is what makes the film somewhat attractive, the reality is that the film is a chaos in itself. Beyond the fact that the special effects are well achieved, the music manages to accompany and on some occasions it ends up being funny, its script is what ends up leading it to be weaker than one can imagine. For a young audience? Yes, it is perfect and to tell the truth, its objective was achieved. But, for the rest of the family it might not be entirely attractive.

Well, at times the essence of what you want to tell is lost because the script suffers a rather striking and notorious hole. Messy and with little fluidity ends up affecting the entertainment of the feature film. It is that, as I said at the beginning, the world of dreams and its complexities gave for much more. But, in this film, the production tried to make a kind of The origin childish that actually sometimes becomes ordinary and a bad combination with the history of Alice in Wonderland.

Of course, his deep messages that embark on childhood, the attempt to overcome and learn to deal with duels, are the most worthwhile. Yet at a certain point the work of Jason momoawhich is very overacted and perhaps not so funny since his physical structure and his way of carrying out the roles make him an actor worthy of an action film, attract all eyes to Marlow Barkley who does an amazing job.

In any case, the chemistry between Momoa and Barkley, which is very well achieved, creates an explosive duo and an easy connection between the viewer and the story that makes it even better. On the other hand, the tape is wrapped in a combination of a great game of musical sound, wonderful photography and acceptable special effects. And with this he manages to shake off his self-imposed children’s film label where one can get on the journey of dreams and enjoy it..

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