“Dream glasses” to see the true face of people, without hypocrisy: the book for girls and boys against stereotypes

Emma he is eight years old, attends elementary school and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. You are lucky enough to come across a magical item: a pair of glasses which, when worn, show the true face of adults and children: so he discovers that the nasty little brother dreams of being a writer, that the supermarket cashier wears a tutu because he would like to be a dancer, and that his mother would have liked to live in France. Only people really happy they remain the same way, seen with or without glasses: Emma’s father, a painter, takes care of the house and the children and his dreams coincide with the life he leads. A children’s book that, after years of prohibitions due to the pandemic, gives young readers a story of dreams and freedom. A story that is in the intentions of the author Eliana Cocca – editor and author of books for children and young people and teacher of history and philosophy – aims to be full of important educational messages: first of all, the one oninclusiveness and the need to normalize “the different”. Emma will then meet a veterinarian who would like to dress “Women’s“, A company of school with two moms, women wearing the veil. “The inclusiveness of the story goes hand in hand with that of the illustrations, created Caterina Manganelli: a splendid work that brings on the narrative scene people and human types of all kinds, of different nationalities, with different bodies, some wear the veil, others have disabilities. All without the need for justifications, naturally: because diversity is what children experience every day ”, explained the author.

Emma’s glasses have no master: indeed, after use they must be given to the next child as a gift. In the course of the book, however, there are some antagonists, who want to buy them to try to make “everything black or white”, standardize the desires and stifle the aspirations of adults and children by forcing them to perform certain jobs for “a world made only of rules” . In short, the bad guys want to impose a society of absolute conformity, even on children: with Dream glassespublished by Sonda Editionsthe writer and teacher then wonders how to educate the children without close them in cages social conformities, how to accompany them in learning about issues and aspects of life, without trying to keep them in the dark or leave them to themselves. Cocca, heard by ilfattoquotidiano.itcited the theme of sex education in schools – in Rome some young political activists are mobilizing in this sense also through a petition on change.org: “Most of those things we don’t want to discuss with children – now we talk a lot about the topic of sex education – we choose to avoid because we find them unsuitable. But they are already aware of it and those topics already have them around. There is no escape, children will find themselves living these themes anyway, and we adults must choose whether to leave them alone in facing them or whether to try to guide them “. And he adds: “Even children feel trapped in stereotypes, and they suffer from it because they are tight on it. And we put them there, in that situation “. In Emma’s story, in fact, the father is the fundamental ally: in the discovery of magical glasses, in understanding how to use them, in dealing with the “bad guys”. And so, Dream glasses it restores the double dimension that children have to face every day, clashing with problems and adventures “when they grow up”, and maintaining a naive tenderness on the world. “It pays to be good allies in the dreams and battles of others, this is the message of the book. Even children must be part of this project because they know how to help and understand our wishes ”.

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