Draxler, Paredes, Icardi, Navas: we write Psg, we read ‘Crazy General Sale’. At the Sheikh’s supermarket, prices are good for all tastes

An app like the one that allows you to sell do you live usedwith instead of jeans And pullover the players though. Yes: such an application would be useful to the Paris Saint Germain (and even more to Antero Henrique And Luis Campos) that you find an entire “wardrobe” to change. Of course: Al Khelaifi a few weeks ago he announced it: “Go those who do not fight and who so far have taken advantage of the PSG”, also because by going to sports results obtained by the team after the advent of the Qatari fund 11 years ago, it is clear that expectations have not been met. Of course: 8 French championshipsfor a team that in its history had only won two, are not to be thrown away … but 8 French championships with 20 points and a gap from the second I’m not sure 8 Premier League. The ambitions were and are obviously continental: a single final of Championshowever lost, considering the billion and a half euro invested in soccer players it is far too little. So off with the label of “as new” or almost for many of those “articles“Bought perhaps more to do shopping than for utility.

It was anything but useless “El Fideo” By Maria: he certainly fought and kept the expectations of when he was signed for 63 million by United: but he is 34 years old, and after 7 seasons and 92 goals he was legitimately let go. The case of the whole is different sample book redundant: twelve players costing around 350 million euros for the tags, to be added to the blue figures of the relative salaries on the landing list because they were deemed useless to the cause. There is Kurzawafor example: defender taken for 25 million by Monaco, finished off the radar as well as Abdou Dialloalso in the arrears department, bought for 32 million since Borussia Dortmund but never very convincing. The other Senegalese can also be transferred: the midfielder Idrissa Gueyepurchased fromEverton for 32 million euros, which he did not do wrong with the Parisian club but now redundant as the company (and in particular the new coach Galtier) is aiming straight at Kephren Thuram of Nice. In short, I am selling for passage to a new model. Ditto for German Thilo Kehrer: cost 37 million when it was taken by Schalke and now a possible piece of exchange for the object of the wishes of the French at the center of the defense, the Inter Milan Skriniarand in any case outgoing.

Mashed potato Julian Draxler, German attacking midfielder flagship of the 2017 signing campaign, when he arrived from Wolfsburg for 45 million euros, he will likely be a piece of exchange or used to make cash. As well as Paredes: the Argentine midfielder who cost 45 million in 2019 has played little in the last season and the management aims to recover thirty million, but perhaps he will also sell him for a little less. It will most likely go away too Mauro Icardi: cost 58 million euros in 2019 in the last season he only scored 5 goals. Monza likes it, but as for many players leaving PSG there is the problem of princely salaries guaranteed by Al Khelaifi … Mauro earns 10 million euros per season, which cannot be proposed anywhere in times of zero parameters and released. And then Danilo Pereira (cost 20 million), Keylor Navas (which was paid 15 million), Wijnaldum and Herrera taken to zero but with top salaries, plus some players like Ebimbe who grew up in the club but also destined to leave. 350 million cards, plus very high salaries. In short, the PSG today has all the appearance of a luxury wardrobe, overflowing with items purchased without thinking too much and now destined to make room for the new shopping campaign: Vitinhoperhaps Thuramlet’s hope Lewandowski why not Zaniolo or Renato Sanches for the new coach Christophe Galtier. Badly they will end up in golden mothballs too… at least until the next “Don’t you wear it? Put it up for sale “.

The article Draxler, Paredes, Icardi, Navas: we write Psg, we read ‘Crazy General Sale’. At the Sheikh’s supermarket tempting prices for all tastes come from Il Fatto Quotidiano.

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