Dramas with protagonists who lose everything and have to start over

Don’t know what drama you’re going to watch today? In these stories, the protagonists go from having everything they needed to be happy to being forced to rebuild their lives.

Drama plots know very well how to hook us with their stories, but things happen differently from one series to another. Some productions start with happy scenarios, while others opt for the chaotic and today we will talk about the second case.

have you ever seen a kdrama where at the beginning we see the outbreak of a crisis for the protagonists? Or maybe it starts when everything has already been lost and new paths have to be taken.

Read on and find out about some dramas where characters principals were left with nothing, but they did not give up and made an effort to give their lives a new direction.

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Doramas where starting from scratch is the only alternative for the characters

Year 2009

Starring: Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi

Available on: Viki

Go Eun Sung has one younger sister, they were born into a rich family, and they both have very good hearts. One day her father marries a woman who wants to get rid of both girls, when Eun Sung’s father loses his life they are left with nothing, but the protagonist will do everything to help them get ahead.

Year: 2018

Starring: Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon

Available on: Viki

Joo Ki Bbeum is a famous actress, one day she travels out of the country for a filming and falls in love, but the romance that started quickly also ends quickly. She is accused of ending the life of a fellow actor and now the whole country hates her, so she abandons her career and plans how to support her family.

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Year: 2019

Starring: Jinyoung, Shin Ye Eun and Kim Kwon

Available on: Viki

When Lee Ahn was a child, he and his parents lived in an apartment building, but due to a fire, this boy lost his house and family. He grew up alone and with the support of one of his neighbors who was also still very young, but after the terrible event he developed the ability to see the memories of people and things just by touching them.

Year 2014

Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

Available on: Viki

Gi Ha Myung’s father used to be a firefighter, but after a fire where several things seem mysterious, he is accused of starting the fire. Now everyone hates Ha Myung’s family, so this boy’s mother decides it’s better to end everyone’s life. This boy survives and is adopted by a new family where they call him Choi Dal Poi, what will his life be like from now on?

Year: 2020

Starring: Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Bo Young, Jinyoung, Jeon So Nee

Available on: Viki and Netflix

Jae Hyun was a young university student who was always in the middle of protests to demand respect for the rights and good treatment of the most disadvantaged, one day he helps Ji Soo to escape from a riot and since then she falls in love with him, but their love will have to face many difficulties. Everything gets complicated when they move away, as they must build their lives again while they are apart.

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