Drama test: What would be your role in a romantic story?

Each of our favorite dramas have iconic characters and their roles are very marked. For this reason, if you would like to know which character, depending on your personality, you could play in a romantic drama, this test will help you discover what your role will be in the story.

If you are a lover of dramassurely you love all the Love’s storiesWhether it’s romantic comedies, dramas, or quiet stories, we’ve all always wanted to star in one of these stories. East test will help you find out what the paper that you would end up playing in a romantic drama.

What would be your character in a romantic drama? // Source: Twitter @_bbkpop

Do you see yourself more as the protagonist or the best friend? Maybe you’re the romantic interest or maybe you’re the villain who doesn’t want to see the leads together. This test will help you find out which of all you could really be according to your personality.

Are you ready to find out what kind of character you would be if you found yourself in a romantic drama? With this test you will be able to entertain yourself for a while and discover what your role would be in said drama.

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Which character would you play in a romantic drama based on your personality?

For this test you must count how many answers you have for each section, whether it be A, B, C or D, the majority will be your result.

  • What word do you think best describes you according to you?

A) Motivated

B) Important

C) the best

D) good friend

  • How would your friends describe you?

A) clumsy

B) cocky

C) bossy

D) friendly

  • Which of these positions would you like to have in your work?

A) Plant employee

B) Boss

C) Manager

D) Deputy manager or plant employee

  • What kind of student were you?

A) A little distracted but I always tried

B) The best, #1 in my class

C) The most competitive

D) Who helped my friends with notes

  • Which of these options scares you the most?

A) Not being able to fulfill my dreams

B) Not meeting my parents’ expectations

C) Be the second in anything

D) Losing my loved ones

  • What is the most important thing for you?

a) find love

B) be important

C) win

D) Friendship


This is YOUR story. You may face different types of obstacles in your search for love, but you will have special people by your side at all times. What kind of protagonist would you like to be?

  • Majority B: Romantic Interest

In the eyes of the protagonist you are someone perfect, you could have many good qualities or maybe you just drive him crazy but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Without a doubt, you would be the romantic interest of the protagonist.

You do not want to see the protagonist happy or maybe not before you. You may be the villain of a poorly told story and your actions may be misunderstood. Or maybe if there is evil running through your veins. Who knows. What kind of antagonist would you like to be?

  • Most D: Best friend

Without a doubt, he will be the faithful companion of the protagonist of this story. Perhaps you will have feelings towards this person or you will simply be the person who encourages him to achieve his goal. Any of these reasons, you are very important in the plot.

Remember that regardless of the result, each one is the protagonist of their own story, even when you play an extra in stories of acquaintances, you will always be the main actor in the story of your life.

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