Drama quiz: Who from Bad and Crazy would fall in love with you?

Bad and Crazy is one of the dramas currently on air and it has characters played by two of the audience’s favorite Korean actors, which one would notice you?

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If you like action dramas And with police themes this is a story that cannot be missing from your list, but it also comes with a great dose of fun and even romance, are you already following its episodes?

Bad and Crazy is starring Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha JoonAlthough they both work in the police force, their personalities are totally different, however they soon join forces to achieve a common goal.

You probably already have a favorite character in the story of this K-Drama But, who of the protagonists could fall in love with you according to your personality? It is test will help you find out.

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Bad and Crazy: What character would notice you?

1. You consider yourself a person who is …

  • Outgoing (30)
  • shy (20)
  • Very funny (10)

2. Your dream profession would be related to …

  • Justice (10)
  • The design (20)
  • Public Relations (30)

3. What excites you most about the weekends is …

  • Rest (30)
  • Spend time on my hobbies (10)
  • See my friends (20)

4. Although many people do not understand it, you like….

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  • Staying home time (20)
  • Stay up for no reason (30)
  • Collect things (10)

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

  • Not really (30)
  • Totally, it happened to me (10)
  • Well not quite because it has never happened to me, but I hope to experience it one day (20)

6. What style of music best represents your personality?

  • The Rock (10)
  • Pop (30)
  • El Hip-Hop y R&B (20)

7. Do you choose a trait of your personality that is impossible to hide?

  • I am very brave and determined (10)
  • I am kind to everyone (20)
  • I am very independent and individualistic (30)


Your answers indicate that the character of Wi Ha Joon In Bad and Crazy he would notice you when he met you, as you probably already saw in the drama, this boy is really brave and sometimes acts impulsively, but when it comes to romance his shy side comes out.

Wi Ha Joon in Bad and Crazy. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

Both K and Soo Yeol could fall in love with you, as your personality brings together qualities that either of them would find attractive. Who would you choose?

Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

The character of Lee Dong Wook He is the one who might notice you and would probably fall in love after learning the details of your personality. This would surely be destined to be a love that comes after a period of rivalry, but in the end it would be inevitable.

Lee Dong Wook in Bad and Crazy. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

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