“Drama” on Twitter, Calenda reveals the identity behind the Yoda account. It is the former spokesman of Renzi, Filippo Sensi. But he denies it

Gaffe or spite? The sleepy August day of the Italian Twitter microcosm, a place where Carlo Calenda he has always been very active, he suffered a sudden jolt in the early afternoon. He was a Pulcinella’s secret but the leader of Action let him (deliberately) escape: the account “Yoda, @PoliticaPerJedi” would belong to Filippo SensiPd deputy and former spokesman for Matteo Renzi. In replying to a tweet of the elusive Yoda in which it was read “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”, Calenda calls him Filippo. To which Yoda responds with his sprint “Philip?”. After which silence falls for a few hours.

Filippo Sensi, also has the official account @Nomfup, acronym that stands for “Not my fucking problem” and it is also a political communication blog. From here it intervenes two hours later to reiterate that it is not him the Philip to whom Calenda refers.

But the patch looks worse than the hole e all hell breaks loose on Twitter (if you haven’t noticed it at all it’s normal, ed). The #filippo entry ends in “trend”, that is, it becomes one of the most discussed topics on the social network and the teasing is wasted. The @nomfup account is in operation since 2010, @PoliticaPerJedi since 2016. When Renzi was staying in Palazzo Chigi, the official Sensi account was incensed, rightly or wrongly, as a shining example of modern political communication. “Self-deprecating and irreverent, he talks about the change of pace in political communication linked to the new technological potentials that allow disintermediation, a possibility of addressing citizens directly”, he wrote soberly in April 2016 the sun 24 hours. Politically speaking, the @PoliticaPerJedi account seems inspired by a “Italian Blairism” with 20 years of delay. You call it if you want “left”.

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