Drama in a crèche: A child found tied to his bed … Chilling story

This is a case that is upsetting Belgium… According to information from Current Woman, several establishments in Flanders have been singled out for acts of child abuse. On November 14, La Libre Belgique reported that a child was tied to his bed with adhesive tape in a nursery in Keerbergen. “ The crèche will only be able to reopen if its managers can guarantee the safety of the children. “said the agency Opgroeien, an organization created with the aim of protecting the youngest. ” The new agency offers enormous opportunities to support children, young people and families in Flanders from a much broader perspective. Whether it’s a child in need of specific daycare care, a young person who can no longer grow up at home, a family looking for information, everything will be coordinated by a single agency. “, had indicated Katrien Verhegge, general administrator of the agency, according to the information available on the site. Unfortunately, faced with the current situation, the latter preferred to leave her post. For good reason… This is not the first time that a tragedy like this has occurred.

Dramas that multiply

This month, the manager of a crèche located in Oudenaarde was the target of several complaints. Parents, but also members of staff, denounced the behavior of the director who allegedly kept children under cold water. In addition, he is also said to have locked some of them in the kitchen and repeatedly pushed their heads into their plates and into the toilets. Interviewed by our colleagues from 7 sur 7, a former crèche employee even confided that the manager force-fed the children with a spoon… Last February, a 6-month-old girl died in an establishment in Ghent after being violently shaken… Tragedies that accumulate…


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