Drama at a large Danish venue – music boss expelled and reported to the police

A scandal is brewing at one of Denmark’s biggest venues, which is already fighting for its survival.

A financial backlog from the corona shutdowns has caused Tobakken in Esbjerg to balance on the brink of bankruptcy.

And as if that were not enough, the board of the crisis-hit venue now suspects the manager of having defrauded public funds. It writes TV Syd.

“Since the dismissal, we have scrutinized documents and that sort of thing more closely, and through that have become suspicious of fraud,” says Tobakken’s chairman of the board, Kristian Svarrer, to the television station.

The suspected fraud involves a “relatively large amount” of less than DKK 100,000, he explains.

According to TV Syd, Tobakken’s fired manager, Jan Mols Poulsen, does not want to comment on the matter in the press.

“I have nothing else to say but that I am shaken and shocked, and that for now it is a matter between me, my lawyer and Tobakken,” he says to the TV station.

Tobakken is a regional cultural center and venue with space for 1,300 spectators.

The venue is dependent on multi-million dollar grants to run.

According to TV Syd, Esbjerg Municipality puts a little over five million kroner into its coffers annually, while the Statens Kunstfond supports between kroner 1.6 and 1.9 million.

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