Drama actors who started their careers as models

There are drama actors who started their careers on the fashion catwalks because they first worked as models before getting a role to work on South Korean television, what actors started with this job?

In many K-Dramas we find the diverse talents of our actors favorites, guys who worked in a dream or came to the performance by chance, but they had a great talent in front of the cameras, little by little they have been growing within their careers and even reaching the who.

Acting has a special magic that drama actors shown in each production, their versatility and adaptability is visible with different characters and stories, we have known various facets of our korean actors favorites thanks to their roles in the popular South Korean series.

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Some actors who today are very famous for their work in dramas, they started their career as Models, the cameras already adored them in the fashion catwalks, but they took a leap into acting and lent much more of their talents in the TV and cinema of Korea.

5 drama actors who jumped from modeling to acting

In 2013, Nam Joo Hyuk He debuted as a model and the catwalks loved him, it was in 2014 when he began his acting career with the drama ‘The Mermaid’Since then he has not separated from acting and has given his all for television and film.

So jumped Nam Joohyuk from modeling to acting.

Lee Jong Suk debuted in doramas in 2010 with ‘Prosecutor Princess’, but 5 years before he started his career in the modeling for Seoul Collection being one of the youngest models in 2005.

young suk she knows how to model very well thanks to her extensive career.

In 2009, Kim Woo Bin debuted as a model and it was two years later, in 2011, when she entered the world of acting with ‘White Christmas’Since then he has been able to take both disciplines in the best way.

Woo Bin is an excellent model and actor.

We have seen Ahn Jae Hyun in various dramas like ‘The Beauty Inside’ O ‘Blood’, but in 2009 she started working as a model to get to acting in 2013, her first drama was ‘My Love From the Star’.

That’s how Jae Hyun He began his career first as a model and later as an actor.

Lee Min Ho He is one of the most beloved actors in K-Dramas but his career began in the modeling world, as he tested cameras for commercial models, struggled a lot to get roles and, finally, ‘Nonstop 5’He started with small roles where little by little he showed all his talent.

Minho He is an excellent model and actor who now even works with Louis Vuitton.

You can continue to discover more about Lee Min Ho and all the feats he has accomplished in his career.

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