Drama actors who speak Spanish and excited their fans

Learning a new language can be a great challenge for many, especially when it comes to a language like Spanish. However, many drama actors have shown that they can speak Spanish perfectly and left all their Spanish-speaking fans delighted. Here are some of them.

A lots of drama actors They have shown that they are not only talented at playing other characters, but also at speaking other languages. Those who have surprised the most are those who they speak in spanishas his command of the language completely impressed his fans.

If you want to know which Korean actors have surprised their Spanish-speaking fans by speaking their language, you will be surprised to know how many of them there are and surely you recognize many of them from different dramas that have stolen the hearts of the public.

Although some learned the Spanish for scenes in different dramas, others learned it even before debuting as stars by living in different countries. Do you want to know who they are?

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Korean actors who speak Spanish and pronounce it fluently

park seo joon He was studying Spanish for his participation in the variety show Youn’s Kitchen, during the season in which they traveled to Spain. The idol demonstrated great determination in learning the language and speaking it correctly. In addition to that, there are rumors that the second season of the program could be in Mexico, so he will need the language again. Can you imagine?

The actress seo ye ji he lived for a time in Spain where he studied journalism and learned the language. On top of that, she has shown how fluently she speaks it in different dramas. Did you know?

The actor and idol Taecyeon He has also shown his talent in the language. She even wrote a song with parts in Spanish called Traición. She lived for 10 years in the United States, where she learned both English and Spanish. Did you know?

For the drama Memorias de Alhambra, the actress Park Shin Hye he demonstrated his fluency in Spanish in several scenes. Although the actress does not speak the language as such, she has shown that she is fluent in it when it comes to lines for her dramas.

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The singer and actress YoonA from Girls’ Generation also learned Spanish for one of their dramas and did so for The K2. Where she surprised her Spanish-speaking fans by speaking her language fluently.

The actor yoon shi yoon he had to learn Spanish for two different dramas, Prime Minister and I and Flower Boy Next Door, where he made his fans laugh with several funny scenes in their language. You remember?

Finally, hyeri made his fans scream and laugh during a scene from REPLY 1988 where he sang a Luis Miguel song in Spanish. Do you remember this scene? Without a doubt, she made many fans smile.

In other news, have you seen the new photos of Cha Eun Woo? Fans were delighted with her muscles.

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