Drama actors who look younger than they really are

In dramas we can almost always find actors in their 20s acting like high school boys, because their little faces appear to be younger than they really are, how old are these actors really?

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There are many characteristics that we can admire from the actors from Korea, many of them have strong willpower and don’t stop pursuing their dreams until they achieve them; the great skills and talents they have in front of the cameras are what gives them the most shine South Korean celebrities.

But, we can also admire the beauty and physical aspects of many korean actors that manage to enchant the public with their attractiveness, many fans of drama have more than one reason not to take their eyes off the screen when they are admiring one of their favorite series.

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We cannot deny that many actors in dramas They are quite handsome and many of them even manage to look much more youths of what they are, by revealing their true age many people are shocked because it seems that time has not passed by them.

Here is a list of those actors who impress with their appearance, they look younger than they are and also become the favorite models of millions of fans.

7 Korean Actors Who Look Younger Than They Really Are

Do you know how old he is Hwang In Yeop? This year she will turn 32 in Korean age, was born in 1991, and looks truly younger than she actually is.

Hwang In Yeop luce muy joven | Twitter: @inyouppics

Hyun Bin He fell in love with the world with his performance in ‘Crash Landing on You’, and this actor definitely does not appear to be 39 years old, he was born in 1982 and looks much younger than he really is, thanks to his beautiful physical characteristics.

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Hyun Bin luce bastante joven | Twitter: @cowbinjin

Even if Lee Dong Wook He has an image of a quite mature man, perhaps we might think that he barely begins in his 30’s, but it is not like that, he is already 40 years old, since he was born in 1981: 0.

Lee Dong Wook looks younger than he is | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

En ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ pudimos ver a Kim Soo Hyun with all his talents, because this actor can also make us look younger than he really is, how old do you estimate him? He was born in the year 1988.

Kim Soo Hyun luce más joven | Twitter: @bubbleinyourtea

Gong Yoo He was born in 1979, but surprisingly this actor looks younger than he really is, maybe not like a young man, but he has definitely shocked several who knew how old he really was: 0.

Gong Yoo looks younger than he really is | Twitter: @YOO_I_

In ‘Hotel del Luna’ we could see the great performance of Lee Joon Gi who was born in 1982, but he definitely does not look his age at all and it seems that the years do not go through this drama actor.

Lee Joon Gi is an excellent actor and he looks very young | Twitter: @joongisjunkie

The Snowdrop actor looks younger than he really is, Jung Hae In He was born in 1988, but he doesn’t really look his age and seems to be in his mid-20s when he is already.

Jung Hae In looks younger than he is | Twitter: @haeinbffs

Did you know the true age of these actors? They definitely look much younger than they are, but they continue to show their great restraints and talents in front of the cameras.

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