Drama actors who have great skills as dancers

Korean actors do not limit their talents and we can find among these celebrities many who also have great dance skills, who are they?

Many drama actors they manage to impact the public with their great ability to play countless characters with various contrasts, personalities and characteristics that reveal all their special acting skills.

But there are more of these korean celebrities that we can discover, because their talents They are not only limited to the cameras, there are those who turn their hobbies into specialties or had different preparations before debuting as actors or actresses; something that makes them have hidden abilities.

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There are actors who are excellent cooks, others are very good singers, some trained as athletes and their skills show it; but there is also K-Actors they are excellent dancers and music runs through their veins.

What korean actors they have a wonderful talent for dance? Some of them have been able to shine with this hidden ability and show us their best dance steps.

6 Korean actors who are also excellent dancers

Thanks to his character in ‘Navillera’, Song Kang He learned to dance, took ballet classes, so this made him a great dancer who demonstrated the new talent he had learned for his drama.

Song Kang became a dancer for Navillera | Twitter: @TheAnnyeongOppa

A Park Min Young She loves to dance, she has done some performances in her fansings and also often uploads dance cover videos to YouTube, she is passionate about music and her talent as a dancer proves it.

Park Min Young bailarina | Twitter: @KOREANKDRAMAFAN

Before debuting as an actor, Lee Jong Suk He prepared himself to be an idol, which is why he concentrated on learning how to dance and although he is a great dancer, he abandoned the music career and better dedicated himself to acting, where he has shone with his skills.

Lee Jong Suk is a great dancer | Twitter: @Unnie_twit

Park Yoona She was also preparing as a trainee to debut in K-Pop before becoming an actress, which is why her talent for dancing continues with her and has shown it on several occasions.

Yoona is also a great dancer | Twitter: @kdramacasting

Ever, Park Bo Gum He proved to be an excellent dancer with a performance of SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty U’, so this Korean actor also has a hidden knack for dancing.

Park Bo Gum dancer | Twitter: @ Precious33456

Like Song Kang, Shin Hye Sun she prepared herself in ballet for one of her characters, she put all her effort into a new discipline that showed us her talent for dance.

Shin Hye Sun is a great dancer | Twitter: @CheeForest

These actors and actresses are truly multi-talented and they show us with their great work and best dance moves.

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