Drake ready to do anything to stop having children? This gesture will shock you


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Drake has just made it clear that he does not want to have another child … We tell you everything in this article.

Drake’s love life is rather hectic … And the last I heard, he would have entered into a relationship with Johanna Leia, a 40-year-old model and influencer. But if we talk to you about the successful singer in this article, it’s for something else entirely … It turns out that for a few hours, an incredible rumor has been circulating about Drake and about a relationship he would have had with a model. And it is the latter who would have balanced some information on what she experienced after having sex with the thirty-something. A story to discover just below and which is rather crazy!

As you can see, this young woman allegedly sued Drake after sleeping with him. We learn that the singer would have put hot sauce in a condom that he had put in the trash just after sex. The It turns out that the young lady in question would have recovered the contraceptive in order to take the star’s semen. She then allegedly introduced the semen into her private parts. The goal ? Get pregnant with Drake ! Except that with the hot sauce, the experience was cut short and the young woman would have screamed in pain! Drake then allegedly admitted to putting hot sauce in the condom in order to “kill the sperm”.

Drake doesn’t want more children?

Already the father of a little boy, this gesture could therefore suggest that Drake does not want other children … In any case, he takes all his precautions not to be trapped. And obviously, he had a fine nose, since he suspected that something was going to be up after having slept with this young woman. It only remains to know what justice will decide after discovering the complaint of the latter … In any case, this story, rather unusual, quickly made the rounds of social networks and many Internet users have reacted. !

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