Dragons: "Putin is not Goliath, let’s deal"

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Mario Draghi, 74, with the speaker of the US Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, 82

If anyone thought Draghi was going to Washington to give Biden unconditional support for a global war, they were wrong. The strategy that the premier outlines with the tone of someone who speaks more on behalf of the EU than of Italy, when he meets journalists, is different from that outlined so far by the White House. He admits it himself: “European visions are not at odds with the US, but they are changing”. Twenty-four hours after the interview with the American president, super Mario clearly says that the time has come to negotiate peace, naturally without impositions otherwise “it would turn into a disaster”. The picture has changed, the frame changes: “Initially it was a war in which it was thought there was a Goliath and a David, today the landscape has turned upside down, there is no longer a Goliath. Russia on the ground has not proved invincible “. He starts from here to relaunch the idea of ​​negotiations: when Putin told me on the phone that he was early, he was ahead – he scans – now he is no longer. He urges to open a table where everyone must sit, even Biden the only one, it seems to understand between the lines, that he can push Moscow to negotiate. “We are all tempted not to sit with Putin at the G20, but it would mean abandoning the rest of the world.” To define the contours of peace, and therefore to sanction what is meant by victory, it must be the Ukrainian president Zelensky. He repeats it three times at a press conference, before going to Capitol Hill to meet the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: certainly it is not up to the Tsar but – a clarification that we really like here – it is not even the United States or NATO that can do it . That is, to draw the perimeter and duration. A first step towards dialogue could …

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