Draghi resigns, what happens now and when will the early elections be

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Mario Draghi resigned. In the next few days, therefore, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will start the procedure provided for by the Constitution to dissolve the Chambers and call new electionswhich for the first time will take place in the fall.

The political day hour by hour

A polling station (Photo Calavita)

When will the vote go?

Two possible dates: Sunday 25 September or Sunday 2 October. The second appears to be the most probable, given that in the case of the first this would coincide with the Jewish New Year holiday. However, the choice of 2 October would not significantly affect the date of the dissolution of Parliament which could vary only by one day.

How do you decide on the date?

In order to decide the date, however, it is necessary to combine the dates of the entire procedure envisaged by the Constitution. Based onarticle 61the elections are called by government decree “within 70 days after the dissolution of the Chambers. The first meeting takes place no later than the twentieth day after the elections. Until the new Chambers are met, the powers of the previous ones are extended “. To this provision must be added the electoral rule for which the decree that sets the date of the vote must be published in the Official Gazette” no later than the 45th day prior to that of the vote “Finally, the provision relating to the vote of Italians abroadwhich provides that the provisional list of those entitled to be communicated by the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 60 days before the date of the elections.

When will the Chambers be dissolved?

Dissolving the Chambers in next weekend, it would be possible to vote both on 25 September, if we consider the 60-day deadline, and on 2 October, in this case, however, starting from next Sunday, 24 July. It is difficult to hypothesize a vote after only 45 days from the date of the elections: it would mean going to the polls on 11 September, with fulfilments and a short electoral campaign in the middle of August.

When could the new Parliament be convened?

Finally, returning to Article 61 of the Constitution, the decree that sets the date of the elections also indicates the date for the meeting of the new Parliament, which in the event of a vote on 2 October and based on the previous ones could meet on 21 October.

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