Draghi, a very tough reply that closes the door to Conte: attack on 5 Stars on income, minimum wages and super bonuses. Then he asks for trust

A harsh attack on the parties during the communications in the Chamber in the morning. An even tougher reply and, this time, addressed directly to the 5 star movement. Mario Draghi it showed up in front of Madama Palace to give him the conditions to move forward, but the interventions provoked even more clear-cut reactions. And the increasingly concrete risk of a return to elections. The prime minister took the floor visibly nervous and closed asking for trust. And going, in fact, to the count.

Draghi’s replica – “Mine will be a short reply”, he began, “first of all I thank all those who have supported the work of the government with loyalty and participation. The second point, I respond to the observation made by senators Licheri, Santanché “and others in which” I seem to almost question the nature of our democracy, as if I had said that it is not a parliamentary. Democracy is parliamentary and it is the democracy that I respect and recognize. I would like to reread exactly the things I said ”, added the premier, returning to the passages that had been ‘disputed’. On Draghi’s part, “no requests for full powers, okay? – remarked the Prime Minister without hiding his disappointment – I wanted to answer this note which is very important“. And again: “The support I saw in the country”, “led me to propose a coalition pact and submit it to your vote, you decide. No requests for full powers ”.

Then the prime minister addressed the M5s group leader in the Senate directly Ettore Licheri. “On the minimum wage I said what I had to say, there is a proposal from the European Commission, we have opened a table with the trade unions and Confindustria, we will continue the discussion whatever your decision today”. And he stressed that “there is a proposal that does not see the imposition, the government diktat on the employment contract“. Then, addressing the other central theme for the 5-star Movement, he continued: “On citizenship income, I have always said that it is a good thingbut if it doesn’t work it’s a bad thing“. Then, he tackled the other issue that has created tensions and problems with the 5-star Movement: “For the Superbonus, the problem is the transfer mechanisms. Who designed them without discrimination or discernment? They are the culprits of this situation for which thousands of companies are waiting for the credits. Now we need to fix the bad thing and get those thousands of companies out of trouble ”. Finally, he responded to the accusations of the right that, according to the reconstructions, would have required an intervention on ethical issues: “I want to be clear, there was a reproach on why the government decided not to intervene on issues such as cannabis, the ius scholae, the dl Zan, issues of parliamentary origin, due to its nature as a government based on a broad coalition of national unity ”. And he closed: “I don’t have much more to say and I ask that trust be placed on the proposal presented by Senator Casini”.

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