‘Dr. Death’: Mandy Moore to Star in Season 2

According to deadlinethe actress Mandy Moorewho has ‘This is Us‘, will be the protagonist of the second season of the anthology series ‘Dr. death🇧🇷

Morre will star in the series, which is based on Wondery’s hit American podcast, alongside Edgar Ramirez🇧🇷 She will play investigative journalist Benita Alexander.

In the story we follow Paolo Macchiarini (Ramirez), a charming surgeon, known for his innovative operations that earned him the nickname of the “Miracle Man”. When investigative journalist Benita Alexander (Moore) approaches him for a story, they begin a tense relationship full of secrets.

Ashley Michel Hoban (‘The Girl From Plainville’) serves as a producer, screenwriter and showrunner. Patrick Macmanus, who served as showrunner for the first season, is executive producer. Jennifer Morrison and Laura Belsey will direct the eight episodes.

“The first season of ‘Dr. Death’ surprised us as we got to know the sinister mind of Dr. Christopher Duntsch and the team that decided to stop him,” declared Lisa Katzpresident of NBCUniversal🇧🇷 “The new season of this gripping anthology will explore the sinister mystery of a surgeon who seduced the medical world.”

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starring Joshua Jackson and Alec Baldwin, the first season followed the terrifying true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a burgeoning Dallas neurosurgeon whose patients suddenly begin to become permanently maimed or dead. As the victims piled up, two fellow doctors try to stop him.


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