DR acknowledges mistakes: Here the drama director’s salary is fired

First, taxpayers were not allowed to know what DR’s outgoing drama director will be paid after he was fired.

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And then they had to like anyway.

“Obviously there is someone who needs to be kicked over the legs before they get wiser,” says associate professor emeritus at the Department of Communication and Humanities at Roskilde University Michael Bruun Andersen.

He praises DR for handing over the information about the dethroned drama director’s resignation agreement, but criticizes that the road to it has been so difficult.

For two months, BT has been trying to gain insight into the economics surrounding the large-scale drama series about Leonora Christina Ulfeldt, which was most surprisingly discontinued in September 2021 due to financial problems.

But even though DR itself states the economy as the reason, they have refused to reveal how the many millions have been put out of control.

Just as they also rejected BT’s request for insight into how much money the outgoing drama director, Christian Rank, will be paid after he has stopped at DR.

A refusal that was in violation of the Public Access to Information Act, assesses the head of research, emeritus at DMJX and public access adviser Oluf Jørgensen.

From BT’s access to documents, it appears that Christian Rank will continue to receive salary until and including 30 June 2022.

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Christian Rank was fired in September, and he thus receives his usual salary, which is on average 96,521 kroner a month, for nine months.

Corresponding to 868,696 kroner in total.

“The financial terms of a severance agreement are covered by access to documents at DR as well as at other public bodies,” he tells BT

However, DR also reached that realization after BT had lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman, and then the public suddenly had to see the drama director’s resignation salary anyway.

A process that is criticized by Oluf Jørgensen.

“DR knows the rules of public access and should have given access to documents immediately,” he says.

Michael Bruun Andersen is also surprised that DR maintains that it is so closed about the finances of the littered project.

‘It’s like the text messages in the mink case. One exposes oneself to the suspicion that it has gone completely bananas because one insists that the whole thing should be so closed. DR could have helped itself a lot by being more open. “

Media spokesman for the Danish People’s Party Dennis Flydtkjær calls the process ugly.

“It seems as if you are deliberately trying to hide what the economy is and what they have lost in money, but it does not work when DR is fully state-funded. The Danes have a right to know what the money goes to, “he says.

Michael Bruun Andersen hopes that DR learns from the process, so that in the future it will not be so difficult to gain insight into financial information.

“One can hope that they come to the conclusion that it serves them best just before a media settlement and also in the long run to be a little more generous with the information, so that one does not have to go through all this with complaints to the Ombudsman and regret. own mistakes. “

Both Oluf Jørgensen and Michael Bruun Andersen believe that DR could provide greater insight into the economics surrounding the discontinued drama series, if they wanted to.

“My assessment is that there is no particular need to shut down the public about the cost of developing and producing a program. On the contrary – as with any other public company – there are good reasons why the public can gain insight into how the economy is managed. “

DR's drama director, Christian Rank, photographed behind the scenes for 'When the dust has settled'.  He stepped down in the post on September 13th.

DR’s drama director, Christian Rank, photographed behind the scenes for ‘When the dust has settled’. He stepped down in the post on September 13th.
Photo: Celina Dahl

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From BT’s access to documents, it appears that Christian Rank will continue to receive salary until and including 30 June 2022. Corresponding to DKK 868,696 in total.

DR states that if Christian Rank gets another job during the resignation period, there will be a set-off in his salary.

Dennis Flydtkjær for the Danish People’s Party thinks it sounds harsh that the fired director should be paid for nine months after his resignation.

“In general, I think it is a problem in public industries with high salaries, bonuses and advantageous severance agreements. Of course, you have to have a resignation, but it has to look like the conditions under which everyone else is employed, “he says.

Head of department in DR Law, procurement and rights Mette Skou Lauridsen states in a written answer.

“The fact that we did not immediately provide insight into the severance scheme is a clear mistake on our part. We have now rectified our procedure so that it will not be repeated. “

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