Double immersion teaching soon possible in FWB

The Education Commission of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation approved a draft decree on Thursday authorizing so-called ‘double immersion’ education in secondary education, in two foreign languages ​​simultaneously.

At present, the teaching regulatory framework does not allow students to practice immersion in a single foreign language.

The new decree provides that the lessons provided in each of its foreign languages ​​must include 8 periods (of 50 minutes) at least per week, and 12 at most.

Dutch compulsory in Brussels

The text provides that one of the two immersion languages ​​must imperatively be one of the national languages. In Brussels, Dutch must be one of the two immersion languages.

This new decree actually aims to regularize the situation of two schools (one in Anvaing, the other in Brussels) which have already recently offered this double immersion education in FWB on an experimental basis, but without any legal basis.

The text was approved Thursday by the deputies of the PS-MR-Ecolo majority. The opposition PTB and Les Engagés abstained.

They particularly deplored that the rainbow majority already authorizes double immersion while single immersion (in a single foreign language) has never been the subject of any evaluation.

The draft decree should definitely be approved in plenary session within two weeks.

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