Dopesick, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hoogenakker: "On the set we became a close-knit couple"

In Dopesick – Declaration of Dependence, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hoogenakker play the prosecutors who have launched an investigation into the company guilty of having placed the drug that triggered the opioid crisis on the American market: they tell us about their experience in a video interview.

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Dopesick – Statement of Addiction: Peter Sarsgaard and John Hoogenakker in one scene

Dopesick – Declaration of Dependence tells the origins of the opioid crisis, a little known phenomenon in Italy which in the United States has assumed the dimensions of a real catastrophe. The introduction to the market of a highly addictive pain reliever drug in Midwestern, rural and industrial regions where people are most prone to physical injuries, has unleashed an unprecedented drama, claiming nearly 850,000 lives and causing an increase in petty crime. Danny Strong describes the origins of the phenomenon in the series Dopesick – Statement of Addiction, starting November 12 on Disney +.

Dopesick Peter Sarsgaard Rick Mountcastle

Dopesick – Declaration of dependence: a close-up of Peter Sarsgaard

As our review of Dopesick – Declaration of Addiction reveals, the show features a choral nature by mixing multiple time planes. The catalysts of the various events are the Virginia prosecutors Rick Mountcastle and Randy Ramseyer who in 2002 opened an investigation into the unscrupulous practices of Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical company inventing OxyContin, the notorious drug. To interpret the two representatives of the law, still active in the USA, are the actors Peter Sarsgaard e John Hoogenakker, “forced” to work in pairs on the set so as to develop a certain harmony even in life, as demonstrated in the course of our interview.

La video intervista a Peter Sarsgaard e John Hoogenakker

The construction of the characters

Dopesick Peter Sarsgaard John Hoogenakker Jake Mcdorman

Dopesick – Statement of Addiction: Jake McDorman, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hoogenakker in one scene

It is not the first time that Peter Sarsgaard has found himself involved in projects for the small and large screen linked to news stories of great importance. After The Looming Tower, we find him in Dopesick as a tenacious deputy district attorney dedicated to work. “I was shocked that someone offered me the role of such an honest person” he jokingly exclaims revealing the reasons that led him to accept the job. “My first reaction ‘Wow, it had been a long time since someone offered me the chance to interact with a person I’d like to hang out with. that, as you create the character, you gather information that prompts you to ask further questions that you try to answer with more information. With this series, I have tasted the opportunity for growth again. “

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An endless story

Dopesick Cast Hulu John Hoogenakker Randy Ramseyer

Dopesick – Statement of addiction: John Hoogenakker in a hospital bed

John Hoogenakker is aware that the damage shown in Dopesick is not limited to the events told by the series, but continues today. As he himself admits: “After the 2007 ruling, Purdue Pharma is back in action and grossed even more money than it had before. The story is not over yet. The crisis continues and many Americans are still suffering from opioid addiction. In 2020, 75 % of overdose deaths in the US are opioid-related so it is a problem that the US still faces today “.

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