Don’t young people vote? Yes, if they are protagonists. The Crema and Lodi cases: two examples to follow

In this electoral round the only ones to have won are young people and civic lists. Few have written it. Party leaders – with little cunning – recorded this news but immediately swept it under the carpet like dust. The parlor commentators are too full of themselves and caught up in celebrating the defeat of the “5 Stars” who have not had time to analyze the data.

Yet it takes little to understand that to avoid the total failure of democracy thanks to abstention, at the end of the “grillina” era, voice must be given to civicism.

I touched it with my hands in my city: Cream, 35 thousand inhabitants, one (outgoing) mayor, Stefania Bonaldi, avant-garde, who before “leaving” the administrative life of the city, created with other “civics” a list of 18 young people (most of them women) who come from the world of social, entrepreneurship, economy , of the communication sector.

“Cremalab”, they called it with that “Lab” which stands for “laboratory” but also for “Work; environment and social well-being “. List header: Giorgio Cardile, 29 years old, engaged for a decade in the world of associations and always in sports and in the education of the youngest. This team made an electoral campaign (for the mayoral candidate of the Left Center Fabio Bergamachi) original in terms of communication and themes. They opened the campaign with a meeting with father Alex Zanotelli. Giovanni Moro followed, then an evening on Ukraine with Domenico Quirico and an online hookup with a Ukrainian priest. From saying to doing: priests raised funds and food for this and a candidate (Benedetta Chiodo) took charge of getting them to their destination.

“Cremalab” has made banquets, of course, but with a new style: colorful, fresh, smiling. Never a controversy. Even when the center-right candidate for mayor wanted to take a picture with them (who knows why?) No post “against”. They closed the campaign with an initiative also dedicated to dogs.

Result? Leaders Cardile was the second most voted of all lists: mister preferences. Before him only miss preferences: Cinzia Fontana, a life in politics in the ranks of the Democratic Party. And “Cremalab”? He overtook Forza Italia and the “5Stelle”: with about 1500 euros of electoral spending and no name of “weight” among the candidates, he beat civic lists of the center-left and center-right which had former councilors and former honorable members as their flagship. In Crema, in any case, the union of all the civics of the center-left exceeds the result of the Democratic Party.

On the other hand just see Praise where the 25-year-old won in the first round Andrea Furegato. This time a “dem” supported by six civic lists that put together exceed the result of the Democratic Party by eight percentage points. In the city governed by the League, a young face and civic spirit won.

The success of the civic It was highlighted by YouTrend: civicism has respectively reached 22% in support of the center-left parties and 20-21% in support of the center-right.

What he writes is not true Concita De Gregorio on The print that young people do not go to vote. If young people are not only used for leaflets and for putting up posters; if young people are given the right protagonism also in Italy (in Finland the premier is 35 years old), their peers go to the polls because they feel represented.

It is true, however, that no longer believes in the Lettas, the Calenda, the Renzi, the Salvini, the Berlusconi, we are not talking about the Fratoianni or various attempts at extreme leftist youth. The time for parties has long since expired. They didn’t understand it. They moved on. To “save” Italy from abstention there were the “5Stelle” who just arrived in Rome have (not all) breathed the air of power (understood as a noun and not a verb) and transformed into a party.

Now is the time of the Cardile, of the Furegato, of those who do not have to deal with the “mummies” of the past. Just them, only civicism can save us from the “Melonian” drift that captivates many political illiterates, the nostalgic and the persuaded that Giorgia (more astute than others, certainly) can have an innovative and prophetic vision of the country

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