Don’t Look Up: Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio battle the rest of the world in this new trailer

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December 24, Netflix has planned a sizable gift at the foot of the trees for its subscribers! Indeed, it is on Christmas Eve that the satirical drama will be released on the streaming platform. Don’t Look Up. A movie directed by Adam McKay (Vice,The Big Short) who can boast of having an exceptional cast. Indeed, the five-star cast includes a plethora of big Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill et Cate Blanchett. Without forgetting the singer Ariana Grande who will also play a character still kept secret. She will not be the only one to make a remarkable appearance since Chris Evans (Captain America) was also confirmed to the cast of Don’t Look Up.

A dazzling distribution which will therefore make it possible to make fun of climate skeptics in due form! And for good reason, Don’t Look Up tells the story of two scientists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence), a little outdated, who try to alert the US government to the imminent fall of a gigantic asteroid capable of destroying the entire Earth.

Only here, there is a catch! The President of the United States (played by Meryl Streep) and her advisers do not hear it that way. Preferring to minimize the real consequences of such a catastrophe, they will not hesitate – as we can see in this new trailer – to ridicule the scientific discourse. Methods of intimidation which will not however slow down the two researchers, determined to alert citizens of the danger to come. Even if it means facing incredible and sometimes grotesque situations along the way! Note that this new teaser also allows you to have a first look at the role played by singer Ariana Grande (who is one of the nominees for the NRJ Music Awards 2021) in the film. An intriguing character who is sure to amuse us! The appointment is therefore given on December 24 to discover Don’t Look Up on Netflix.

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