"Don’t kill what you hate": Kanye West can tweet again

“Don’t Kill What You Hate”
Kanye West is allowed to tweet again

After a controversial poll among users, ex-US President Donald Trump is returning to Twitter. He was followed shortly thereafter by scandal rapper Kanye West, who had previously been banned for making anti-Semitic statements. Platform boss Elon Musk is therefore appealing to users.

After Donald Trump, Kanye West has now made it back to Twitter. The scandal rapper reported on Sunday evening with a short tweet back: “Test. Test. Check if my Twitter is unblocked.” A few hours later he sent a short “Shalom” combined with a smiley face. The Hebrew word “shalom” roughly means “peace”, but is also used as a greeting. West’s account was only suspended in October after repeatedly violating the platform’s guidelines.

In recent months, the musician has repeatedly made a name for himself with racist and anti-Semitic statements and, in addition to his Twitter account, has also lost numerous advertising partners such as the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas. New Twitter boss Elon Musk has already reacted to Kanye West’s latest post. He wrote underneath: “Don’t kill what you hate. Save what you have.”

However, Musk replaced the English word “You” with “Ye” – Kanye West’s stage name – thus creating a pun. The musician’s revival on Twitter follows the return of ex-US President Donald Trump to the platform. Musk had previously polled Twitter users, most of whom were in favor of a Trump comeback. The Republican, who wants to be President of the United States again in 2024, has not yet used his regained communication tool.

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