Donovan hits his sister in Courcelles: “I gave her a big slap, she had insulted our mother”

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Family stories are sometimes complicated. In 2018, Donovan lives with his mother. Her younger sister lives with her dad and her stepmother in Courcelles. And one evening, they argue. Insults burst forth from both sides. And Donovan decides to go and sort it out himself. It is 11 pm when he arrives at his father’s house and slaps his sister… “I gave her a big slap, she had insulted our mother”, he admits in court.

The young man, now 23, would never have appeared in court if he had accepted the criminal mediation offered to him: he just had to take training in violence management, which he did not need. did not. He was therefore summoned to court where he presented himself with his younger sister who does not seem to blame him.

The prosecution, through the voice of the first substitute Stéphanie Dutrifoy, proposed a probationary suspension of the delivery, with as a condition, this famous training to learn to manage his impulsiveness. And this time, Donovan agreed. If he keeps his word, this will allow him to keep a clean criminal record at the dawn of his professional life. The judgment will be rendered on December 17th.

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