Donations for child protection association: Thomas Gottschalk sits at the checkout for a good cause

Donations to Child Protection Association
Thomas Gottschalk sits at the checkout for a good cause

A rare sight is presented to customers in a Regensburg supermarket: “Wetten, dass…?” Presenter Thomas Gottschalk works as a cashier for an hour. The money from this campaign will benefit social causes. Herbert Grönemeyer also draws attention to himself through charity.

There was a lot of hype in a Regensburg supermarket when entertainer Thomas Gottschalk sat at the checkout for an hour. There the 72-year-old collected donations for the child protection association on a voluntary basis. “I go shopping myself, but don’t ask me what the butter costs,” said the moderator. However, he avoids one department when shopping: “Of course I always scurry past the magazine stand.” Most of the time, however, his colleague Florian Silbereisen is on top.

In Regensburg, Gottschalk gave up the seller and collected milk, rice, oranges, gummy bears and wine. He chatted with customers and encouraged them to round up their purchase amount. He also wrote autographs and fulfilled countless selfie requests.

According to the information provided, the money from the campaign will benefit various social causes via the Netto Marken-Discount Foundation. “After Grönemeyer said he would save the board, I said I have to work here.” Pop singer Herbert Grönemeyer had on Gottschalk’s ZDF show “Wetten dass..?” announced that they would bear the costs for the Berliner Tafel for a month.

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