Donald Trump must be held accountable for Capitol attack, inquiry committee says: ‘He paved the way for disorder and corruption’

The former Republican president “tried to destroy our democratic institutions,” Bennie Thompson said during a primetime hearing, which wraps up a series of public presentations of his commission’s work.

“He paved the way for disorder and corruption”, further asserted the elected Democrat who, sick with Covid, intervened by video link.

For him, all those responsible for the attack, including at the White House will have to “answer for their actions before the courts”. “It will take severe consequences, otherwise I fear that our democracy will not recover.”

Two members of the commission then presented the day of January 6, 2021 as experienced “minute by minute” by Donald Trump, whom they accused of having “failed in his duty” as commander-in-chief, by doing “nothing to prevent his supporters from wreaking havoc in the Capitol.

Yet it was he who had summoned them to Washington, the day the parliamentarians were to certify the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Around noon, in a fiery speech in the heart of the capital, he had asked them to “fight like the devils” against supposed “massive electoral fraud”. He then returned to the White House, while the crowd launched an assault on the temple of American democracy.

He had taken more than three hours before calling on his supporters to leave the premises. “I know your pain,” he finally told them in a video posted on Twitter. “But we have to go home now.”

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