Don Haji Mastan was in love with Madhubala, Had reached to her lookalike Sona for marriage

Sona’s face was exactly like that of Madhubala. Haji Mastan first saw Sona during a film of his own production and he fell in love with her.

The news of connections between Bollywood actresses and the underworld was quite common once upon a time. This was the time when the underworld had a lot of interference in the Hindi film world. Mumbai don Haji Mastan was also very interested in the film industry and invested his money in many films. Haji Mastan dominated Mumbai between the 60s and 80s. During that time Haji Mastan saw the beautiful actress Madhubala and gave her heart.

Haji Mastan was very fond of Madhubala and wanted to marry her but it could not happen. Madhubala died in February 1969 and Haji Mastan’s dreams were also shattered. But then there was the debut of actress Sona, whose real name was Shahjahan Begum.

Shahjahan Begum’s face was identical to Madhubala. His manner of walking was also somewhat similar to that of Madhubala. Because of this, the industry started taking him hand in hand. When Haji Mastan came to know about this, he was very happy. According to media reports, Haji Mastan first saw Sona during a film of his own production and he fell in love with her.

Haji Mastan without delay went to Sona’s house to meet her mother, taking the relationship of marriage. Sona’s mother had no objection to the relationship and Sona also agreed to the marriage.

Sona got a place in the Hindi film world due to her resemblance to Madhubala and her beauty, but she could not last long. He worked in films like Biwi Rent Ki, Aadamkhor. After marrying Haji Mastan, Sona said goodbye to the film world and started taking care of the house.

It is said that after the death of Haji Mastan in the year 1994, Sona had to face a lot of problems. The family members of Haji Mastan grabbed all the property under pressure, after which Sona had to spend her life in poverty. Sona passed away in the year 2014.

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