Dominika Gottová after Christmas in Finland: CRYING FOR HUSBAND’S FAMILY!

Do you have any major wishes or resolutions until 2023?

“I’m happy with my life… So my only wish is for the contentment and happiness to continue and nothing to go wrong.”

How did you spend Christmas?

“Very pleasant, Tim and I were with his mother and her husband, who is an excellent cook. Tim’s brother Tero and his daughter Nina were also there. Tero was there with his girlfriend Laura from Puerto Rico, with whom they have a beautiful long-distance relationship – he goes there, she goes here. And because they thought they wouldn’t practice this forever, they decided to get married. He beautifully proposed to her under the Christmas tree in front of us and gave her a diamond wedding ring. It brought a tear to my eye… Laura will be his third wife, which she and Tim have in common because I am also his third wife.’

What was served for dinner?

“We ate traditional Finnish Christmas food, which is slow-roasted bone-in ham in the oven, which is then coated with mustard and breadcrumbs and put back in the oven for another 20 minutes to make a crispy crust. To top it off, the mashed potatoes are sweetened. Starters included fresh salmon and herring in various marinated sauces and three Christmas cakes. So we left stuffed…” (laughs)

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Have you prepared any Czech Christmas specialty?

“I only made homemade potato salad and fried schnitzel on New Year’s Eve.”

Did you also remember your father?

“Of course! And we even talked about him with Tim, what a wonderful Christmas it was with him. Dad always had whole days of errands for visitors, then he went to see Lucca’s sister and finally to us until around nine in the evening. I’ve been counting the hours all day until it’s nine.”

Now you have exams for a new position in the field of security. Are you scared?

“Maybe I’ll get a completely different new job. Timo will start his own company at the end of March, after a tour in South America. It will be his management handling things regarding his touring and records – as well as production and mixing. So Timo was saying that it was possible that I could work for him, which would be the best. Working in peace at home for your own family is a dream job.”

Unlike the Czech Republic, you have a nice winter in Finland. How do you handle it?

“If I don’t have to go to school or to the store, I don’t leave the house in the winter, I’m tucked up like a dog under the table. But I want to say one essential thing, that although it is a hard winter here, after the problems that a person has experienced in life, this is actually a secondary thing, the essential thing is to be happy, satisfied, have a family and have somewhere to return to.”

Now it dawns around ten in the morning and gets dark around three in the afternoon, is that right?

“Yes, that’s why Tim and I go to bed early in the winter. We planned to have a New Year’s Eve toast at midnight, but we already drank at ten thirty and went to bed.”

She is looking forward to the garden

Dominique’s mom Antonia Zacpalová (86) has been very ill recently, she had a severe flu. But better news has finally reached Helsinki. “She recovered from it relatively quickly, by her standards. She also used to be sick for a month but she is fine now,” she said Gottova. “I’m really looking forward to her. But I would like to appear in my native country when the weather is more favorable, when it is not cold, so that I am not confined only to restaurants and hotels. So that I could walk around beautiful Prague and sit somewhere in the garden…”

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