Dominika Gottová (48) is heading to Prague again: I’m going to my mother and work

“So I’m finally fully vaccinated so I can fly to my mom and friends,” wrote Aha! yesterday Gott. “I can’t wait, after that six months I miss everyone,” recalled her May move back to northern Europe.

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From the troubles of Prague, however, the eternal troublemaker fled to others in Helsinki. Her marriage to Tim Tolkki, 55, has been on a swing since she returned to him last year. The metal musician upset Dominic the most by leaving for work in America in August and returning only before Christmas.

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But Dominica doesn’t just fly home. He’s looking for a job again! “Tim is going overseas again and I don’t give it up in Helsinki alone. Financially, not mentally! That’s why I really want to find a job in Prague and have some security, even though I have big reservations about the Czechs. But at least I have friends there, “ Dominika confided to us yesterday.

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He goes to the grave

During her visit to Prague, Dominika will also go to her father’s grave in Malvazinky. “I haven’t been there since the spring and I have to go there. I miss him so much and I still blame myself for bothering him with my problems, “said Aha! Gott.

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