Dominic Monaghan: "Lost"-Star hasn’t seen an episode

Dominic Monaghan
“Lost” star hasn’t seen an episode

Dominic Monaghan would rather live in the moment than see his winning streak.

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To this day, Dominic Monaghan has been approached by fans about his role in “Lost” – although he has never seen an episode himself.

Dominic Monaghan (45) no longer watches his finished films and series. The actor, known as Merry Brandybuck from “Lord of the Rings” or Charlie Pace from “Lost”, said in a new interview that he didn’t need the experience.

“It’s just not something I do,” says the actor in an interview with “People”. “I’ve lived these things so fully that I don’t need to repeat them to have the experience.” He saw a “Lord of the Rings” film 15 years ago. Of six seasons “Lost”, however, not a single episode.

Live in the moment

“I know it was a good show and I’m aware that people still like it now,” says Monaghan. Fans would still ask him about his role. “People come up to me on the street with ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ written on their hand, or people tell me it was their favorite character or their kids just started.”

He is glad to have been involved in the show, which has now become a part of pop culture. But: “I have learned to live in the moment.”


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