Dolomites, a tourist dies falling from the Santner via ferrata

Bolzano, 24 July 2022 – Dolomites, a 56-year-old British tourist lost her life when she fell from the Santner ferrata on Catinaccioin South Tyrol. This is the second fatal accident within a few days on the Santner via ferrata.

The Alpine Rescue, the Financial Police and the Pelikan 2 helicopter rescue service intervened on the spot. But there was nothing for the mountaineer to do. Precipitated for thirty metersshe died instantly.

The second tragedy in 8 days

The July 16 had died a 55 year old Friulian touristfalling from the Santner ferrata itself, one of the most famous in the Dolomites that leads from the Fronza refuge to the Santner pass and from there into the Valojet valley.

Two weeks ago, again on the Catinaccio, a young man lost his life falling from the Laurenzi via ferrata.

The Santner via ferrata in the Dolomites (Google maps)

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