Dog stranded in the middle of a stream in Brazil gets angry when they come to his rescue

One video viral shows how a dog in BrazilInstead of being grateful, he resisted being rescued after being stranded in the middle of the Antas stream. The peculiar reaction of the animal did not go unnoticed after the images were disseminated and hundreds were left without understanding why it refused to be helped if everything seemed to indicate that it was in danger.

The singular event occurred on the afternoon of January 10 in the municipality of Anápolis, located about 55 kilometers from the capital of Goiás.

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The dog, which appears to be a Pinscher breed, resisted a member of the local fire brigade put it to safety.

Rescued “reluctantly”

Firefighters were called to rescue the animal, which ended up stranded after a moderate rain in the city, reports the portal . At video viral, shared by the aforementioned medium on its channel YouTube, you can see that the dog gets quite angry when he feels the rescuer approach.

The pet even tried to bite the firefighter more than once, but was finally able to hold him in his arms and carry him to dry land.

According to the aforementioned media, when entering the river, the military observed that the dog was very scared and was even carried away by the current.

After the rescue, he was immortalized in a video viral, the dog was placed in the care of a person who was nearby.

Viral video of dog stranded in the middle of a stream that refused to be rescued

What is the smallest breed of pinscher?

According to , the smallest of the three breeds of pinscher (after the Dobermans, which are the largest, and the German pinschers) is the miniature pinscher, which was used as a pickpocket and is descended from the German smooth-haired pinscher.

How do you know if it is a miniature pincher?

The miniature pinscher is the reduced version, without dwarfism, of the German pinscher. According to , the miniature pinscher is small, with a square profile (body length equal to the height at the withers) and short hair. Its lines are fine and elegant. The height at the withers for males and females is 25 to 30 centimeters and the weight is 4 to 6 kilograms.

How to care for a miniature pinscher?

If you have to scold a miniature pinscher, do it with a loud tone of voice, but without yelling, and with a little tug on the leash. Calling attention to him, scolding him or educating him should never lead you to hit him or be aggressive with him, he emphasizes .

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When do the ears of a mini pincher stand up?

During teething (tooth decay), puppies can experience numerous changes to their ears. It is normal that one day they have falls, the next they raise both, and the following week they lower one. It is around a year of life when they will already maintain the final position of the ears, reports .

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