Dog ran away from home and returned the same day with a prize won in a contest

a family of England He lived hours of anguish, after his dog escaped from his house. Fortunately, in less than 24 hours, her owners went from sadness to happiness when they saw her back and with nothing less than a medal obtained in a contest. The history shocked users of social networks.

Bonnie, a beagle-cross dog, disappeared on July 10 after leaving her home in Bolney, a town located in the county of West Sussex, in England (United Kingdom), according to what she recalls. .

According to his owners Peter and Paula Closier, they were feeding the 5-year-old dog and his other pet, Cleo. In an oversight, however, they lost sight of Bonnie and feared the worst.

We thought maybe she wasn’t interested in food and did a full search of the house. I couldn’t see it. She was walking back to the kitchen when I saw that the door had opened and I thought ‘oh no’” Peter, 52, told TheArgus.

From that moment, the couple undertook a search together with their two daughters, neighbors, local veterinarians and even a dog guardian, according to the statement. which lasted approximately three hours.

Just then, Paula was surprised to find that a user named John Wilmer was asking about a pet owner on Facebook. The dog had been found on the side of a road and was in perfect condition.

Bonnie participated in the contest and came in third place

The user was on his way to a dog show in Felbridge, Surrey, with his two own dogs, but seeing Bonnie decided to include her and take her in his car. Before, as already said, he published the message of the discovery on Facebook.

Surprisingly, the pet that had been missing was in third place in the rescue dog category, according to the aforementioned media. Bonnie was brought to her house hours later, wearing her winning medal.

We couldn’t believe it. Bonnie was absolutely fine when she came backPeter recounted.

Bonnie was rescued from the streets of Crete four years ago and her owners said they never entered her for competitions. On the other hand, Cleo, her other pet, had achieved three rosettes in the canine category “Greek Dog Shows”.

Bonnie entered a rescue dog contest, despite her inexperience, and came in third place. (Photo: Paula Closier/BBC).

“We are so excited that she is safe and sound and is also a winner”Paula admitted.

What is a dog and its characteristics?

The dog It is a domestic mammal that belongs to the group of carnivores. It is a subspecies of the gray wolf, which is considered to be its ancestor, and bears similarities to foxes and jackals, the website states. .

What to do if your dog gets lost?

If your pet goes missing, here are some actions you can take:

  • Post ads on the Internet: neighborhood WhatsApp groups, Twitter, Facebook groups, etc.
  • hand out flyers
  • Go around your neighborhood and look for the places where he could have hidden
  • Visit shelters or municipal kennels
  • Check pages of animal friends in case someone found him and is giving him shelter.

Preventively, the best thing to do is put a chip on pets. This will make it easier to locate it in case it gets lost.


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