Dog goes out to the park, is ‘confronted’ with a crow and video sweeps TikTok

The viral videos of pets continue to appear in the social mediaespecially on the platform TikTok. From her account, the user published the unusual moment in which his dog faced a crow in the street. The images surprised more than one.

Maryia Seslikava (@maryia_seslikova) is a sales manager who often shares content about her day-to-day. This time, the 35-year-old woman showed the great surprise that she took from her when she decided to leave her with her beloved dog named “Antonina”.

The bitch’s reaction

It turns out that Maryia was walking her breed pet yorkshire terrier. At that moment, they both came across a very playful crow. Before backing away, the animal approached the dog, as reported by ,

Faced with this movement, “Antonina” tested the courage of the scavenger bird and something totally unexpected happened: the ‘new couple of friends’ chased each other. Immediately, the curious scene generated a furor among netizens.

“It was the usual evening walk with my dog ​​when the raven took an interest in Antonina. At first I was scared for the dog, but the crow wasn’t aggressive so I let them play.”, revealed Maryia Seslikava.

Meanwhile, the clip of @maryia_seslikova accumulated thousands of reproductions and many Internet users highlighted the bravery of the crow. “The video has caused quite a stir. My subscribers like the video and all the comments are positive”, Maryia specified.

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