Dog fights against snake that had invaded his home in shocking encounter

On USA an impressive event took place. A dog came across a threatening snake in the garden of his house. The dog, knowing the danger that this represents, decided to fight the reptile and the video was became a trend from Facebook, where users of this red social praised the pet’s attitude to protect loved ones.

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The video shows the dog (black, medium-sized) staring at the snake, which is coiled up, but with its head alert, measuring its mammalian rival.

The dog tries to surround her while barking at the same time with great intensity. The reptile does not lose his gaze. After a while, it extends its head, causing the pet to back away, but without stopping barking at it.

There comes a time when the dog gets closer, and its movements are less spaced, seeking to encircle the snake that does not decide to attack for some reason. Nevertheless, she soon makes the decision and reaches out with all her strength to try to give him a deadly bite.

The can successfully dodges it and heads towards the tail of his opponent, but it decides to attack again, but fails again. However, this does not discourage her and she lunges for the third time, missing once more.

The dog, for his part, is determined not to let the snake escape. It surrounds it, reduces its movement spaces and, when it recedes, the dog grabs her by the lower part of her body and begins to shake her incessantly.

Finally, The video shows the reptile lying on the ground, apparently dead; the pet ended the threat that loomed over their home. After this, a female is heard, apparently her owner, who tells her: “Good boy” and the shoot is cut.

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