Dog ‘breaks into tears’ after the death of her older brother and video moves on TikTok

The disappearance of a pet is one of the most painful moments for animals and humans. This was demonstrated by a video that has already become viral. Through the platform TikTokthe young Noemí Zonta () recounted the heartbreaking case of her dog named Chia, who suffered the loss of her ‘best friend’.

“We are heartbroken”

According to the owner Zonta, Chia’s older brother, a boxer dog named Apolo, died and the “state of mind” of the puppy “Complete change”. “She spends most of her time in bed. The dogs grieve.” indicated Noemí, whose recording reached 4 million views.

Along these lines, the owner mentioned that the dog “not well” after the death of his partner. “She spent every second of her life with him. They shared everything”the woman added. As could be seen in the images, the pet was curled up alone in bed, while her owners tried to comfort her.

Watch the viral video here

“I’m so sorry for your loss”

Meanwhile, dog lovers agreed with @noemi_zonta and they assured that the dogs do suffer. Some netizens recommended the best ways to support Chia in this situation, reported .

“They know it and they grieve. I’m so sorry for your loss.”, wrote one user. While another noted: “I used to be a vet assistant! Get a stuffed animal that resembles the animal that passed away. Trust me, it’s really comforting for them.”.

Do dogs feel grief over someone’s death?

In dialogue with the portal Elissa Weimer-Sentner, owner of Paw & Order Dog Training in Pittsburgh (United States), confirmed that dogs grieve and express their pain differently.

“If it is the loss of someone, be it a person or a dog, in the pack, the dog can feel the change, leaving it with a feeling of uncertainty or anxiety (…) EThere is a possibility that the dog appears frightened because it does not feel safe in its surroundings, Weimer-Sentner explained.

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