Does your pooch feel lonely when you’re not around? A researcher has developed a “dog phone” so that he can call you on video!

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His main source of inspiration is certainly his dog, Zack, a 10-year-old black Labrador. To make him feel less alone when his mistress is not at home, she has developed a toy that allows her pooch to call her on video! But she is not the only thinking head of this project, her colleagues at the University of Aalto in Finland have also helped out.

Skynews video capture

It is the “first system of its kind allowing animals to use the internet to contact their owners,” the University of Glasgow said in a statement Wednesday. It is therefore still currently an experimental system. The goal is to break the loneliness of dogs who find themselves alone at home. This technology also appears in a context where the animal may have been too accustomed to the presence of its master because of telework and the pandemic.

The system is very simple, a technology slipped into a ball is activated when it is shaken by the dog, which triggers a video call to its owner. The owner can also call his animal, provided that this one “answers”.

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Despite a few accidental calls, the dog used the prototype on several occasions to contact his owner, “suggesting he wanted to interact with his owner,” the statement said. Obviously, there is nothing to prove that the dog is aware of this causal link.

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